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This epic AF reboot not only includes all the content from Amateur Facials but also everything from all our other sites including Gonzo Vision, Gonzo Video, Gonzo Girls, Local Foxes, Buff Teen, All Aja, Ashley Alicia, Completely Kayla, Purely Pamela, Simply Skye, Teen Ciara & Teen Kate! Giving you access to thirteen great sites in one!!

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"Thank you for rebooting the site. This was my favorite porn site back in the day, and seeing it up again is like finding an old friend. Or an old album of dirty pics of old girlfriends!" - ivar676

"AF has a special place in my heart since it was the first porn site I ever subscribed to. Thank you so much for taking the time to re-encode the older videos and add the never before seen pics. AF is my favorite site of all time!" - Stinger

"Joey, great work on this. Not only brings back memories, still works as amazing material today! I am super excited that you have the site back up and running!" - AmFaEnthusiast

"It's 17 years later and this is still amazing stuff. And the reboot, with all the unreleased stuff, extended videos and the like just makes it so much better!" - mott42

"AF is still the best! They have fun, treat the girls with respect and obviously they enjoy their involvement ... the girls are real, sets are plentiful, and content quality is great!" - mb33

"The name says it all. Amateur Facials focuses on the big finish, where these everyday honeys take juicy loads right on the face. We're talking hours of video of these sweet faced cutie pies getting come all over their pretty faces. It's awesome! - planetclimax.com

"The Buffalo based Amateur-facials.com stuff seems eternally popular on the web. More of it being released is so amazing!" - jacker1

"I love this idea for your reboot! I was about 18 when I first discovered your site and it still remains my favorite of all time. The POV angles coupled with the amateur/girl next door looking girls taking facials definitely is still my favorite niche. Can't wait to see what you have in store!" - FacialLover911

I love the stuff from this site. Consistently good content, cute, real girls. - Pranky

"I busted multiple nuts over this when it originally came out. Still really hot all these years later." - shakaleg

10/10 content quality rating! Amateur Facials (AF) has picked it's niche and stuck to it, providing some of the best amateur facial content on the Net since 1998. This is where you'll see that extremely cute girl-next-door type babe who works at the local pizza joint or hangs out at the community pool sucking dick and getting her pretty face covered with thick man chowder." - qualityamateurpaysites.com

"This is my favorite porn site, and the one that got me into facials in the first place. :) Love all the girls and the sweet and sexy attitude of the site. The gorgeous ordinary girls and how much fun all the cum looks." - poleax

"You know Ray Guhn the founder of COHF got his start shooting for AF. So did Richard Moulton who headed the 'AF Cali Crew' as I recall. AF even launched Raven Riley's career, featuring her before she broke off to start her own site. They launched a lot more than sticky white loads over the years!!" - Rose33

"Your site was so ground-breaking, it really should be accessible to a new generation. (If kids are getting back into vinyl and cassettes, why not early web pron?)" - mrbuster

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