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    "the reboot i.e amateur-facials 2.0 is like a dream come true. thanks so much joey!" - mixcoatl22

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    "I am super excited that you have the site back up and running, I was a fan in the early 2000's." - AmFaEnthusiast

    "Just signed up! Thrilled to have you back!" - mrbuster


    "I love this idea for your reboot! I was about 18 when I first discovered your site and it still remains my favorite of all time. The POV angles coupled with the amateur/girl next door looking girls taking facials definitely is still my favorite niche. Can't wait to see what you have in store!" - FacialLover911


    "AmFa was how I discovered my facial kink more than a decade ago. Thanks for everything!" - zub56

    "Hi Joey, this is really great news!! Michele, Victoria and Jamie are my favorites. Would really love to see some more of them. Thanks for the restart of AF!" - jimbo80


    "This is my favorite porn site, and the one that got me into facials in the first place. :)
    Love all the girls and the sweet and sexy attitude of the site. The gorgeous ordinary girls and how much fun all the cum looks."
    - poleax (female member)

    "Holy shit I can't believe I have been using pics of Erin since high school 10 years ago. She has provided me with so much cum and amateur facials was probably one of the reasons any time I know I can get it I ask to give a facial ... I made this account to find old pictures from a-f I had when I was a teenager lol. I would say finding your site early in my youth made me wanna give facials, my first girlfriend getting the worst of it. Oh how the years tick by."

    - Steve5


    "Your site was so ground-breaking, it really should be accessible to a new generation. (If kids are getting back into vinyl and cassettes, why not early web pron?)" - mrbuster

    "Luckily, I stumbled across your site while surfing the web. Its fucking great! The new layout makes finding the thousands of shoots you've done a snap and the look of all your chicks is so real and sooo freakin hot! This is still by far the best amateur facial site on the web!" - rigid

    "I just wanted to drop you all a brief email to say thanks. This site is terrific. Every single woman featured on here is wonderful - their open and cute personalities really come out in your videos!" - facialman

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